The Czech capital is a perfect city to fully live as a couple. If you haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy Valentine’s Day in Prague, any other day of the year the perfect romantic atmosphere can be created in this magical city. Which are the most romantic spots and plans in Prague?

Petrin and Parizska Street: Czech environment recreates France


Paris is known worldwide as the city of lovers. However, Prague is a city that can compete directly with the French capital when it comes to create a charming atmosphere to enjoy in couple.

However, there are two parts of the city where we can live purely the Parisian atmosphere but with the charm and proximity provided by the city of Prague. On the one hand we have the Petrin hill: the most romantic place of Prague par excellence.

In this beautiful corner we find the Petrin Tower, a curious communications tower faithfully inspired by the most famous of all: the Eiffel Tower. Having a picnic at the foot of this building with the entire city at our feet will certainly prove a plan to recall a lifetime.

On the other hand, nothing like the street named after the French capital to recreate this romantic environment. Parizska Street stands to emulate the famous Parisian boulevards, surrounded by neoclassic buildings and world-class shopping. If you want to go a step further and take the way to the altar, this is the perfect place to get engaged and get the jewel that will captivate you as a couple.


There are a lot of romantic spots in Prague like Charles Bridge or Prague Castle

Walking the cobbled streets of Prague Old Town and admiring its stunning architecture is a real pleasure, but there are at least two more romantic and fully enjoyable ways to visit Prague.

One of them, perhaps the most accessible, is doing it on a cruise along the Vltava. They come in all types, from the full tour in small boats that can also tour the highly recommended channels of Mala Strana, to the higher capacity and more equipped ships, where you are even able to dine delicious dishes and toast with champagne for your love as eternal as this city and its charms.

Another way to get around Prague and definitely surprise your partner is using a vintage car. Elegant convertibles that emulate the charm and luxury of the roaring twenties and by which you can explore the streets of the Old Town with elegance and distinction.


The Municipal House (Obecn’ Dum) is one of the most romantic spots in Prague

The infallible romantic plan


Let us be clear enough, enjoying at least once in life an opera show is something that we cannot miss. The opera is a show like no other, an exquisite artistic demonstration that engages and excites from the first note and in Prague it has one of its greatest exponents, as a city of classical music par excellence.

In addition, if we visit the Municipal House, a building of great architectural richness and excellent and enviable acoustic, and only 1oo meters from BoHo Hotel, where we can complete the plan with a visit to the wellness area, certainly we will be enjoying a magical environment hard to beat.

Do not hesitate, if you want to enjoy the best plans in couple and the best romantic offers, Boho Hotel is your place and Prague your city. Come and visit us!


Enjoy the most romantic spots of Prague from BoHo Hotel

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