From the BoHo Hotel we insist on the importance of living the experience of travelling. We understand that having a experience goes beyond visiting a place and contemplating beautiful corners. The traveller must be always immersed in the atmosphere of the place, be part of it, part of its culture, its people … living a sensory experience.

We would like to capture these feelings in our slogan: “the difference between staying in Prague and being in Prague”

But we don’t want these words to remain just words, we want them to become real. For that reason our hotel offers a luxurious wellness area; a resort where our guests can feel the sensations produced by visiting a city where the charm grabs you at all times: Prague.

In our wellness area, you can relax and rest, but also you can follow the “mens sana in corpore sano” lifestyle (a healthy mind in a healthy body), enjoying these facilities which combine wellness with the latest generation machinery to keep your body fit.

The Water area


Travel shouldn’t become a stress, should be a continuous pleasure. Walking for hours, standing in crowded places … are actions that prevent the traveller to disconnect.

Hotel Boho believe that staying at the hotel shouldn’t be limited to transitions, a place where you can just sleep: a hotel must be a place to rest, where you can recover from the efforts, spend great moments which are part of the trip and, to sum up, a place where you do not feel you’re wasting your time, a place to make the most of every moment.

For this reason, our area of water in our wellness center is designed for a full enjoyment. An oasis in the middle of the city combining exclusive and natural elements of life and a mixture of essences. The perfect place to stop the time.

The fitness area


But we should not always keep our body at rest. There are times when we need to keep active and from time to time we like to feel good about ourselves practicing some cardiovascular sport.

This is now possible in the wellness area of Hotel BoHo, which combines the heaven of peace that the water area involves and the fitness area, where you can train your body and keep fit with the best and most modern machinery designed for the workout.

Two totally different needs are covered in just one place because we know what you need and we adapt to your requests.


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