There are many things to do in Prague, from those which appear in all tourist guides to the most unusual things to do which can only be experienced if we live like a real Prague citizen and we open our minds to their traditions. Although it is true that we all like to get away from the “mainstream”, it’s also true that we should not lose sight of the jewels of the Czech crown, without which our trip to Prague will never be complete (even if we hate the hordes of tourists). No matter the kind of tourist you are, we bring you 10 things to do in Prague:

# 1 Synchronize your clock with the astronomical clock

No way! We couldn’t start an article about musts in Prague without mentioning its astronomical clock. Go to the southern facade of the City Hall from 9 am to 9 pm and watch the show of the little theater the figures perform.


# 2 Walking the synagogues of the Jewish Quarter

There are six synagogues located in the beautiful Jewish Quarter: Klausen, Alta, Spanish, Pinkas, Maisel, and Old-New. Don’t forget to visit them and, above all, learn about its history and legends.

# 3  Enjoy the opera at the Municipal House

Prague is the city of classical music par excellence, and it can only be compared in classical programming with Vienna. For this reason you cannot lose the opportunity of seeing some classic opera in the Municipal House.

# 4 Ask for a delicious Czech beer in a tavern talking authentic Czech

Stay away from fast food for tourists and look for a good place to get served authentic Czech beer. A good place can be U-Fleku, the oldest brewery in the city … Oops! And this is all the vocabulary you need for this: hello in Czech is “dobry den”, thanks “děkuji vam”, how much “Kolik to stoji” and the most important … beer is “pivo”.


# 5 declares never-ending love in the Petrin Tower

The small replica of the Eiffel Tower is situated on the hill called “of the lovers” … What are you waiting for, after a romantic plan, to climb the Petrin tower and start a new life with your partner with Prague at your feet?

# 6 Buy puppets!

You may have heard about the bohemian glass as the most typical souvenir from Prague. Perhaps its delicacy makes this souvenir not appropriate for a long trip. If you want a surprising and original souvenir buy a puppet. You’ll find all types throughout the city, although in the street Havelska you may find the best quality. A golem is also a good idea, but make sure you know the whole story of the mud man well and tell it to your friends before they open their present.


# 7 Climb the Powder Tower

Just two minutes from BoHo Hotel you have at your disposal one of the most famous towers of Prague. It features a gazebo at its highest point and it is almost mandatory to obtain privileged views of the beautiful physiognomy of Prague from the heights … Do not miss this opportunity!

# 8 Make your dreams come true

Yes, you’ve read right. If you walk through the famous (and more beautiful) Charles Bridge, we can see in one of his lecterns five stars and a button on the floor. We must touch the five stars, each with a finger, and press the button with our foot, while we ask for five wishes, of which only one will come true.

# 9 Discover the most contemporary Prague

Not everything is classic and with an old flavour in Prague: from the controversial works of David Cerny to the famous Dancing House. Moreover its contemporary art museum is a real gem indoors and outdoors.


# 10 Use Kafka as your personal guide

Obviously the famous writer of “The Metamorphosis” can’t take you along with his hand, but he can do it with his legacy: from his home in the magnificent Golden Lane within the grounds of Prague Castle to his museum, through the many art exhibitions that surrounded him. We may also find the mobile bust of Kafka created by the aforementioned David Cerny or even the more contemporary, allegorical statue of the Jewish quarter. There will be some references that will help you to discover one of the thousands faces of the city. ¡Enjoy Prague!


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