If you come to visit Prague, you’d probably be perfectly informed about the hidden wonders and other places which do not hide so much such as the astronomical clock, its impressive castle or the quaint and beautiful dancing house. But Prague is a city where many secrets are hidden and you would need more than one week to see them all. Therefore, apart from the mandatory walks to Mala Strana, the islands of the Vltava and other “must see”, we give you some information about the best unusual things to do in Prague.

Make a cemeteries route

Prague is a beautiful city, but also somewhat mysterious and, why not to say it, sometimes a little creepy. But the latter shouldn’t cause us rejection. On the contrary, we find true romance and healthy melancholy walking through several of its beautiful cemeteries getting soaked of their rich stories and the famous people who inhabit them.


From the Hotel BoHo we want to recommend you three in particular:

  • Olsany Cemetery: it is the largest of the city and can be seen as an exciting outdoor museum thanks to numerous sculptures and beautiful art nouveau statues that fill the entire place.
  • Vysehrad Cemetery: in addition to its undeniable beauty and unique charm of film, Vysehrad hides a multitude of legends like the story of the foundation of the city and another one about nocturnal watchdogs that ensure security throughout the country. Ask for these stories and enjoy a magical promenade.
  • Jewish Cemetery: a visit to the Jewish quarter must be on your agenda and it is just a few minutes walking from BoHo Hotel so no excuses to end this particular route in this corner of the city so full of history.

cemetery in Prague

Enjoy a piece of black theater

Whether traveling to Prague with children or not, you can’t miss the magical sensation of enjoying one of the most curious and noteworthy cultural events in Prague (and there are many artistic and cultural events in this city …). This is none other than the black theater: small representations in which the actors and the stage is completely dressed in black, which can display and play with lights, puppets and pinheads elements in a light show full of color and very original and imaginative.

black theatre prague

Buy golems and puppets

A good trip must end with the suitcase full of souvenirs and gifts, and in Prague there are many such as the much-revered (but fragile and difficult to transport) Bohemian glass or the typical beer mugs with lids. But if you want to make a truly original gift and enjoy the craft shops that sell it, you can buy in many beautiful establishment puppets which will delight children and adults.

Another very original gift is the typical Golem of mud. In this case it is important that in the moment that we deliver the golem, with the other person must be told the story of the magical fairytale that chronicles the birth of the most famous and filmed clay doll around the world.


Draw a message on the silhouette of the Czech Republic

It sounds idyllic, right? For it, we have to move us to Mala Strana, on the small square at Cihelná 2b where the Kafka Museum is located. In this idyllic spot one of the most controversial works of Czech sculptor David Cerny is located. Cerny is famous for his controversial works seeking the applause and the rejection of the audience, transferring the performance culture to the world of sculpture.

This sculptural fountain, called “Piss”, depicting two men carrying the aforementioned action without any subterfuge facing each other, urinating on an entire country. Visitors can even send an SMS to the fountain, and the men will write the message into the water.


Four curious plans that will lead you to discover something different from the tourist guides vision of Prague, but there are many more. The best option is coming to visit us and discover your own Prague. From the Hotel BoHo we offer you the best environment to do it. Come and enjoy!


Book now in BoHo Hotel to have the opportunity of enjoy the unusual things to do in Prague

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