Prague has a bohemian charm that other cities with a more pompous and extravagant reputation like Paris or London have not. However it does not mean that Prague has not his flamboyant side, where you can be captivated by luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Fendi, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Gucci… In short, all brands which occupy the first class of global luxury.

Paris concentrated in one street

This corner of the excess is found in Pařížská street, perfectly called this way (Pařížská street, which means in Czech Paris Street) to remember the passers-by the charming atmosphere of the French capital.

As in Paris, this is also the right place to enjoy the best delicacies of avant-garde cuisine. Shopping, food quality, beauty and monumental buildings are combined in just 450 meters.

A non casual name

We did mention that the street is perfectly named Paris Street, and this is not just a coincidence. The idea at the end of the nineteenth century was to turn this corner of the city in a reproduction of the Champs Elysees of Paris, with wide streets and art nouveau buildings in the surroundings.

Finally, the lack of funds caused that the megalomaniac project ended in just a charming street, more similar to the also charming Parisian Avenue Montaigne, and the bridge of Čech, targeting the remaining money to rebuild other areas of the old town.

Pařížská Street

A different atmosphere in just 12 minutes

Pařížská street is just twelve minutes walk from the BoHo Hotel. It is located in an area that combines different atmospheres in just one single street, but when we leave it, it returns us to the cultural and unique richness of Prague, reflected on its buildings. During our walk we can see the beautiful Municipal House (only 100 meters from BoHo Hotel), the Prašná brána (Powder Tower), the Tyn Church and finally the Old Town Square right at the beginning of Pařížská Street.

Although the walk on this beautiful street can make you feel surrounded by glamour, the true luxury is at our fingertips. After our walk, we can enjoy the real luxury feeling in our Wellness area, ‘a feast for the senses’.

What to buy in Pařížská Street

As we have indicated before, in Pařížská street we may find the Czech headquarters of the most prestigious fashion brands: unique design clothes is a must for those who want to go shopping on this street. But this is not only for clothes, we can spend the money on this street in many other excellent products: fine jewelry and luxury cosmetics play also an important role in Pařížská street.

In fact, Prague is the ninth most attractive market for international retail brands in Europe and it offers the highest number of luxury brands among the cities in Central and Eastern Europe, except for Moscow.

Moreover, on this street we can find a refined and globally known object, it doesn’t matter if we are rich or poor: the Bohemian glass.

The Bohemian glass is known for its delicacy and pure transparency, although from the last century they added some color to imitate the Venetian glass, which is also very appreciated. Depending on our budget, we can also acquire pieces of carved Bohemian glass. Really special pieces and pose a real gem.

Pařížská Street in Prague

Not only for luxury lovers

Not spending € 1,000 on a handbag is not an impediment to enjoy Paris. In the same way, in Pařížská street every pocket can fall in love with its charm. Stopping to observe the shop windows, enjoying the old town and the Curies squares which flank the street, walking under the trees… are some other luxuries available to anyone who wants to enjoy the city.

Moreover, the elegant atmosphere contrasts perfectly with the bohemian one at midnight and with closed shops, when the street is illuminated elegantly and where a walk is a pleasure for our senses, walking in front of quiet stores, perfectly illuminated from the outside.


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