Prague is the perfect city to spend a romantic New Year’s Eve. The cozy but at the same time elegant and cosmopolitan character discovers the visitor one of the best destinations to experience the change to the new the year. And in Prague there are plenty of plans to seduce the visitor at this time.

A stay full of romance

What can be better to start 2016 than surrounded by luxury and elegant distinction, but without excess, surrounded with all the details to spend a magical night? And this is the plan that BoHo Hotel offers: a stay in a cozy room where the room service will not hesitate to offer everything that you may need for an unforgettable night, which may culminate in a relaxing bath after the excess of New Year party in our wellness area.

And if after so much romanticism your body asks you for some movement, in only 5 minutes you will find the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square in only ten minutes, traditional meeting places for the people of Prague in New Year.

New Year's Eve in Prague

Enjoy the New Year under the stars

If the bustle of Wenceslas square or Old Town square overwhelms you, you can find another meeting points in the city less crowded where the festive atmosphere is also present.

It is common after the countdown for the New Year that the Prague citizens cover the sky with fireworks from different points, offering the best views of romantic places such as Letna hill, docks of the Vltava, the bridges of the historic center or the Garden Rieger.

These fireworks are  product of the spontaneity and festivity character of the citizens of Prague, but you can enjoy the official fireworks the first day of the year from 18.00 from the docks of the city. A veritable feast of light and magic that will captivate you for the following 365 days with the best backstage.

New Year traditions in Prague

Prague is one of the favorite destinations to enjoy the New Year on the street, feeling the celebration of a city which is mobilized to welcome visitors, tourists and its own citizens who leave their homes to share such a lovely time. For this reason, Prague do not hesitate cutting the traffic on the most central street to not disturb the festive atmosphere.

However, as a curiosity or if we want to celebrate New Year’s Eve around a table in a restaurant, there are certain traditions of families in Prague in the New Year’s dinner that should be emphasized.

The traditional New Year’s Eve dinner in Prague consists of fish soup, potato salad and breaded carp. It brings good luck if we put under the dishes the scales of the carp as a way to ensure that each of the family members will not lack money in the next year.

The same tradition dictates that no one can leave the table during dinner, and two apples are cut in two equally blocks to reveal the seeds the health of the following year.

New Year's Eve in Prague

The most classical New Year’s Eve

At the beginning we mentioned the possibility to spend New Year’s Eve without even leaving the room or the hotel with our luxury services offering to cover every need instantly, also in this magical day. However, there are other smart ways to spend New Year’s Eve as enjoying one of the many concerts of opera and classical music that at this time of the year take place, and in only three minutes from the Boho hotel we can find this concerts offers on the Municipal House, where we can enjoy the best symphonic pieces.

Whatever  you choose to enjoy New Year in Prague, from Boho Hotel we would be happy to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year: PŘEJEME VÁM VESELÉ VÁNOCE A ŠTÁSTNÝ NOVÝ ROK !



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