Spring is a season that suits well to any city in the world: its lively colorful and mild climate makes it an attractive season and invites the visitor to live the streets and visit monuments alternating the cold and the heat. In Central Europe this spring charm is even more stressed: despite having multiple activities in winter, cold retains its inhabitants at certain times at their homes and they really wait the good temperatures to go in the streets and revitalize the city. For these reasons, spring is the best time to travel. How does spring look like in Prague?

Prague Spring Festival: an ode to music


The arts are present in Prague everywhere. The Czech capital breathes culture and this may be observed in its many interpretive centres, theatres, museums and other places of worship to artistic value, but if we have to highlight the supreme art in Prague, that is music.

The music surrounds the entire environment in Prague, but in spring it plays with a very crucial role with the Prague Spring Festival: one of the most important and prestigious cultural events in the Czech Republic and worldwide where the most prestigious classical musicians are joined in the city.

The Municipal House host the Prague Spring festival

From May 12 to June 4, the Municipal House becomes the global epicentre of classical music with concerts where it hosted the best composers of the twentieth century (Leonard Bernstein, Arthur Honegger), the most prestigious orchestra’s directors (Herbert von Karajan, Lorin Maazel), violinists legend (Anne-Sophie Mutter, Maxim Vengerov), acclaimed pianists (Alfred Brendel, Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli) and the most awarded voices on the world scene (Galina Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Luciano Pavarotti). A privilege just two minutes from BoHo Hotel.

Christmas memories with excellent weather


One of the reasons why in winter Prague is still a touristic city (despite low temperatures) is because of the nice and charming Christmas atmosphere which is created in the city. The markets and the Christmas decorations bring a special charm to the Czech capital.

What about re-experiencing this environment but with temperatures around 20 degrees and not so overwhelming influx of tourists? This occurs around Easter: the two weeks before the Easter weekend and the week after, touristic places are filled with Easter markets and streets are decorated again.

The spring in Prague fill the city of green

An appropriate time for a city full of green


What is most typical in spring? The flowering and the splendour of the green. A city like Prague, where the hills and neighbourhoods are filled with vegetation, looks especially beautiful in those months.

Visits to the Petrin hill, the many gardens of Vysehrad, the surroundings of Prague Castle or the islands of the Vltava (Shot Island, Kampa …) are experiences certainly more than recommended and unmissable for this magical time of the year.

Prague has the great privilege to look beautiful in any season, and everything suits the city equally well: snow, flowers, heat or falling leaves… but if you want to see in the Czech capital unusual dynamic, colourful postcard images and enjoy a good Czech beer on a terrace of spectacular views with a desirable climate, spring is definitely your season. Do not hesitate and come to enjoy spring in Prague!


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