In a previous article of this blog we already talked about all the benefits of this unique and exclusive hotel located in Prague’s city centre. The BoHo Hotel stands out for offering a high standard hotel experience right in the heart of the Golden City, aimed at becoming one of the most important icons for luxury in the Czech capital.

Its 57 rooms, the restaurant, the wellness area, the library and the rest of spaces form an oasis of calm, luxury and exclusiveness right in the city centre of Prague. It is just the perfect place in order to enjoy the bohemian atmosphere of this amazing city.

But it’s not just us who think this way, since the seal of Small Luxury Hotels of the World thinks so too. This hotel in the city centre of Prague is proud to display one of the most distinctive seals in the hotel sector. But do you know what this seal really means?

Small Luxury Hotels of the World

Among so many huge and crowded hotel chains, Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) looks for independent, small and genuine hotels, somehidden and exclusive corners where one-of-a-kind experiences can be lived.

This way, they’ve gathered 520 small and unique hotels with something in common; excellence. In order to be included in this seal’s hotels, it’s necessary to accomplish some high demanding requirements, since only the ones that offer the highest standard experiences can opt to be considered.

Actually, Small Luxury Hotels of the World receives over 1.000 hotel applications per year, but only the 5% succeed and achieve this high seal of quality. The Boho Hotel of Prague is part of this 5%, receiving the recognition of this seal for its excellent service and facilities.

“Small Luxury Hotels of the World receives over 1.000 hotel applications per year, but only 5% are accepted”

Reasons for Boho’s excellence

prague city center hotel

As you see it’s not easy to get this high quality hotel seal. But what does the Boho hotel offer in order to display it? The Boho Hotel is just one of the most special places in the centre of Prague, with a unique approach to what a hotel should be.

Its magical atmosphere, interior designs, location, outstanding service and great facilities turn this small hotel in Prague’s city centre into the right candidate for these high standard hotels. We are not talking about extravagant and flamboyant hotels; we are talking about extraordinary places where the uniqueness of the customers and their experiences are fostered.

prague city center hotel

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