Winter is a very appropriate time to travel to Central Europe, since cities like Prague are more adapted to the cold temperatures of this season and, far from stopping its activity, they display all their charm. What to do in winter in the Czech Republic?

How to spend the winter in the Czech Republic

The cold of the Czech Republic is not very different from that in other continental countries _apart from their own extreme temperatures in the north_ and it may be easily overcome with warm clothing.  Then we can take our warm clothes out in any of the cafes and taverns of Prague, where the warm atmosphere prevails thanks to the use of central heating and other methods such as gas lamps.

Snow usually makes its appearance, giving new pictures to the already idyllic landscapes such as Mala Strana, Charles Bridge or, above all, some of the hills that the city contains, including the hill where the San Vitus Cathedral is located, or the banks of the Vltava River covered entirely with pure white.

The classical buildings of the downtown, with gabled roofs, facing the presence of snow produce a bohemian and charming feeling, which can be combined with other attractions such as enjoying the wellness area of Hotel BoHo with water jets and a comfortable temperature after an idyllic walk through the charming Jewish quarter for instance.

Enjoy winter in the Czech Republic with overviews like the Sudeten Mountains

Winter plans in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic added to its idyllic landscapes composed of the Bohemian Forest and the banks of the Elbe and Vltava, the Sudeten mountain range, an extension of the alpine scenery transferred to the charm of Central Europe.

In this mountain scenery it is easy to enjoy winter sports like skiing or snowboarding, reaching Prague in just two hours and the visitor can come and go in the same day without having to change accommodation or having to leave the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic.

But the ski resorts in the Czech Republic are not just for skiing. These places are popular for the variety of non-traditional winter sports that can be practiced in the area. From many sports to just enjoy in family with the sled or snowshoe trekking and other sports only suitable for adventurous hearts as the bobsleigh (a high quality circuit is found in the Krkonoše station on the border with Poland and only 2 hours from Prague) or other local sports such as snowtubing (an inflatable boat goes through the snow tunnels), which may be practiced in the winter resort of Boží Dar Novako Skiareal or Zubří centre in Nove Mesto in Moravia. But if we want to live an authentic Czech experience in terms of winter sports, we must practice the skibobbing.

The Czech Republic is one of the world’s skibobbing centres, a kind of bicycle for children whose wheels are replaced by skis along the structure and these skis carry also the person mounted on his feet. Aerodynamics plays a very important role in the skibobbing, reaching speeds up to 120 kilometers per hour. Such  its popularity is that it may be played on almost every ski resort in the Czech Republic.

Enjoy a walk in Prague eating a good trdlo

Enjoying Prague in winter

However, although it is worth to enjoy landscapes as the Giant Mountains, winter in the Czech Republic does not mean having to ski or releasing adrenaline by skibobbing. We can enjoy Prague 100% adding to our walks landscapes of snow, stalls of chestnuts, mulled wine or the famous Trdlo (a kind of doughnut).

And to round out the plan, remember that Prague is a city with a great musical tradition, so it’s highly recommended that if we want to take refuge when it is cold, we can do it enjoying a concert in concert halls like the opera palace or the municipal house, in which we can find affordable and popular prices.


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