Prague is a city where you can easily plan a St Valentine’s Day: few cities in the world can provide such a romantic environment as Prague. A simply walk along the cobbled streets of the old town, going up the hills to enjoy the stunning views or the magic and splendor of the Kampa Island flanked by the spectacular Charles bridge creates already a loving atmosphere.

If to these elements you add a charming and well located hotel and a good restaurant serving good Czech wines, certainly you have without any doubt the most romantic possible plan for a Valentine’s Day in Prague.

A romantic cruise on the Vltava River

The Vltava River is certainly the best gift of Prague and its citizens don’t hesitate to enjoy it often. Outdoor leisure is commonly found in their islands, from which we can highlight the Shot Island or the Kampa Island.  They offer the visitor the possibility to navigate on board of different boats in order to take a mini cruise around the town.

These boats include different offers, from the most basic ones including only crossing the river to appreciate excellent views of the two sides, to the most exquisite real gems of boats with dinner served on board and performances. They are definitely offers that cannot be refused in St. Valentine’s Day.

Prague has one of the most romantic environment of Europe

A walk on the hill of lovers

Its name says it clearly: there is no more magical place across Prague than the hill of lovers, whose name is perfect. Located 198 meters above the Vltava River, the hill offers spectacular views which are even more upgradable from the Petrin Tower, a curious tower that simulates the icon of love: the Eiffel Tower.

The resemblance is not accidental: the Petrin Tower was built just two years after the Eiffel Tower. After travelling to Paris for the Universal Exhibition, a pair of Czechs felt inspired to build a similar tower in Prague. Delighted with the forms of the Parisian construction, they enacted the construction of this mini reproduction of sixty metres which is not less charming.

Enjoy an opera performance

Prague is the city of performing arts and opera, an enjoyable show full of romanticism with all the rituals involved. Therefore, enjoying a classical concert of the Prague Symphony Orchestra at the Municipal House or in the Prague State Opera are presented as the ideal plans for this special day (and for every other day in the year).

If we want a plus of romance, we can round off the plan with a pick up drive (or even better, by horse-drawn carriage) and enjoy a gala dinner at the end of the opera.

Enjoy a classical concert in Prague close to the BoHo Hotel could be a good plan for St. Valentine's Day

Don’t leave the hotel

Being in Prague and not enjoying one of the most beautiful cities in the world may sound like a cardinal sin, but so it is not enjoying the services and opportunities that the charming BoHo Hotel offer to its guests.

Walk all day around the town and reserve the evening to access to the Wellness area or enjoy the lovely environment of the room what can be truly considered a romantic plan.

In either case, you will not lack attention from our guest service and they will make you enjoy the best Valentine’s Day in Prague and worldwide. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Book now in BoHo Hotel to enjoy the most romantic Valentine's Day in Prague

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