Zeleznicni Bridge 013

The color of the rusty iron Zeleznicni bridge has become part of the colors of Prague, as well as the green of the oxidized copper on the domes of many buildings in the city. Beneath this bridge a charming flea market of Czech delicacies is held.






Zeleznicni Bridge


The silhouette of the railway bridge (a translation of Zeleznicni bridge) is now totally linked to the Vltava River since 1872, with the view of Vyšehrad as greater claim to the reign of Charles Bridge. Along the banks of this bridge, in summer, we can see lively terraces where to buy in flea markets and drink beers animatedly under the sun.

This photograph of Zeleznicni Bridge is part of Project 57, the artistic project that we make from the BoHo Hotel to show new corners and new perspectives of Prague. You can find it in a large-scale format in room 013 of our hotel.




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