jewish cemetery room 212

The myths of the old Jewish cemetery. I strongly recommend two essential reads: “Old Prague Legends” by Magdalena Wagnerova and “The Golem of Prague” translated from German. A very literary graveyard.






Jewish Cemetery prague

The Jewish cemetery: The Jewish Cemetery in Prague is one of the most picturesque and photographed places in the city. Many legends and a complete literary universe have arisen around him . A special mention must be made of the book by Umberto Eco dedicated to this cemetery (“The Prague Cemetery”) or the aforementioned Golem of Prague, a myth created by the illustrious Rabbi Judah Loew, describing a giant of mud created to protect the old city from the anti-Semitic attacks. In people’s minds it survives the image of a large clay figure, whose mouth needed to be filled with papers containing orders.

This photograph of the Jewish cemetery is part of Project 57, the artistic project that we make from the BoHo Hotel to show new corners and new perspectives of Prague. You can find it in a large-scale format in room 212 of our hotel


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