How to define a well-located hotel? Having all tourist, cultural and entertainment possibilities that a city rich in heritage as Prague deployed at your fingertips is the basis of what we can define as a convenient location.

Moreover, the simple fact of being in the old town of a city which, almost without exception, contains the vast majority of historic and monumental jewels is another factor that ensures that a hotel will provide you a good location.

Prague’s “greatest hits” within 10 minutes.

The Astronomical Clock, which can certainly be the biggest tourist attraction in Prague, is located just an eight minute walk from the Hotel BoHo. This clock is located in the majestic city hall of Prague, next to the equally impressive Old Town Square with Tyn Church co-chairing the area.

At just 12 minutes from the BoHo hotel there is the monumental complex of Clementinum, which today houses the Czech national library but throughout history has hosted top-tier colleges or the university library. This complex overlooks the Vltava River, the backbone of Prague which houses indescribable places like the island of Kampa or the emblematic Charles Bridge.

Finally, these 12 minutes are the same time that you can spend from the Hotel Boho to the epicenter of the Jewish quarter, its famous cemetery. To reach the place, the visitor can walk through the elegant and flirty Pařížská street and appreciate several synagogues such as Pinkasova or Starenova.

Culture and fun in a sigh

Only three minutes away, we find the Municipal House, the perfect place after a day of sightseeing and walks. If we want to turn off peacefully without forgetting the art and the richness of this city, this is obviously the right place

Before reaching the entrance to the Municipal House, we find the Powder Tower, which reminds us that every walk through Prague is full of buildings and surprising corners that make it worthwhile to choose to walk around the city instead of taking any other means of transport.

If we invest a minute of our walk, we will find in four minutes exactly the náměstí Republiky (Republic Square), the heart of the city, full of shops, entertainment and the place chosen by the vast majority of citizens from Prague to welcome the New Year.

View of the imposing and original Dancing House

The rest of Prague and the Czech Republic to reach

In the same Republic Square we can take the line B of the metro, which will take us within minutes to other points such as the New Town or the Dancing House. A seven minute walk from the Hotel BoHo we can take the Line A in Munster Square, with which we can reach other tourist areas as Mala Strana or the castle and the cathedral of Prague.

And if the city seems small for us, although Prague needs at least three days to be fully enjoyed, in five minutes we can take the main trains which can take us across the Czech Republic departing from the main station of Prague, the Hlavní nádraží (Prague central station), and at the same time we also have to reach Praha Masarykovo nádraží.

From these stations we can take trains that move us to other regions in the country such as Bohemia, with the city of Pilsen in the lead, or Moravia, with Brno as the second largest city in the Czech Republic.

From these stations we can go to other parts of Europe such as Dresden, Genoa, Bratislava etc. Definitely a wide range of tourist and cultural possibilities unfolded by the Boho Hotel.


BoHo Hotel

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